You Bazaar!

I'm working really hard this week to prepare for You Bazaar, which is going to be the biggest craft show I've done so far. As usual, I'm way behind on everything, but I'm feeling positive and excited anyway. I've got my usual jewelry and handbags to do, and I'm adding some crocheted creatures into the mix, including amigurumi mushrooms, acorns, and sweet treats like the truffle shown above. I can't wait!

Here's the press release:

You Bazaar!

When craft show and indie arts collide…you get You Bazaar!

This November in San Francisco, the organizers of Bazaar Bizarre and the curator of Plush You team up to bring you the indie collaboration known as You Bazaar!

You Bazaar! will feature 30 select craft vendors selling their handmade wares and will offer a series of rotating workshops throughout the day with some of your favorite plush designers including Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane and Moxie of Madebymoxie. You Bazaar! comes your way November 2nd, 2008 from 10 to 5 at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park.

Bazaar Bizarre began in Boston back in 2001 as a hodge-podge of friends and acquaintances cobbling together their handcrafted DIY wares to sell. Since then Bazaar Bizarre has expanded to LA, Cleveland, San Francisco and the Maker Faire in Austin and San Mateo. San Francisco-based BB organizer Jamie Chan has been active in the art community for years and is gearing up to open her own fiber shop, Mary Jane’s Attic, in the Sunset District of SF.

Plush You was started by Kristen Rask, owner of a small shop called Schmancy in Seattle back in 2004. Plush You started as a way to highlight the fantastic plush movement within the DIY community. Since then, Kristen has authored Plush You: Loveable Misfits to Sew and Stuff and is curating two plush shows this year; in Seattle and at Double Punch Gallery in North Beach.

It's gonna be awesome, and everyone should come (even if it rains, which it's supposed to.)!

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Sue said...

Good luck tomorrow!