Diamond Necklace, originally uploaded by pollyannacowgirl.

Wow. Last week was rough. I lost my cat, my job, and very nearly, my mind. But I came out of it feeling hopeful and full of new ideas.

Well, I didn't really "lose" my job. My temp assignment just ended sooner than I had hoped. In three months, I'd gotten pretty attached to the great people and even the company, which hasn't happened since my 2005 sojourn at Five Cities Medical Imaging. So I'm sad to leave, but such is temp life! (It's kind of like thug life, but with cubicles and free coffee.)

The good news: I put all the extra money I made into Pollyannacowgirl, which means I now have tons of supplies and promotional materials to use for the holiday season and upcoming fairs. The bad news: I won't be buying anything else for a while.

I'm excited to now actually have the time to use all the new stuff I've purchased; although the prospect of not working is terrifying money-wise, it's going to be great to have the holidays free for extreme gingerbread house decorating and cider drinking.


Suzanne said...

oh, polly - sorry to hear about your job and your cat.

i wonder, though, if i can get in on some of that gingerbread house decorating and cider drinking? :-) i hope to have a girly holiday party sometime in the nearish future.

pollyanna cowgirl said...

YES! Yes, yes, and yes. Also, thanks for helping my unemployed ass by buying the diamond necklace! :) You are awesome. Perhaps a hand-delivery can be arranged?

Jen said...

what a week. I'm sorry, Polly.

I'm glad you look on the bright side...just think of all that daydreaming you would be doing stuck at a desk through the holiday season!

and don't forget...poverty breeds creativity! (I should know.)

pollyanna cowgirl said...

This is true, this is true!