Where's Pollyanna?

pink french dresser, originally uploaded by swanketyswank.

Try to find the purse made by me in this awesome display, created by the wonderful Yabette, owner and proprietor of Swankety Swank in SF. If there was ever a store where the things I make fit in perfectly, it's here. As well as selling jewelry and other art stuff from craftsfolks like myself, Yabette takes old furniture and refinishes it; the end result is always awesome. If I had more room for furniture, I would buy one of her pieces, but as it is, we don't even really have room for a coffee table in our cozy little shack.


...the who cares girl... said...

oooh oooooooh. I love that pink...piece of furniture. hi I'm Liz I just bought a mushroom pouch from your etsy store it was my quickest etsy purchase EVER it will make me SO HAPPY!!! and I just found your blog TOO!!!! hooray for etsy--bringing weirdos-er, creative people together.

pollyanna cowgirl said...

Thanks, Liz! It makes me so happy when people get excited about my stuff! :) Isn't that pink dresser the bomb?