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Prepare yourselves. Starting tomorrow, the Firefly Express will be exclusively featuring holiday crafts, foods, and activities! So turn your radio dials to the local soft-hits station, and make the miraculous discovery that instead of playing regular James Taylor songs, it will be playing James Taylor's version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside," which even I find painful.


Squidhelmet said...

Yeah, there should be a contest out there for the worst version of that song... that's the type of idea that makes me want to take up blogging again.

I mean just glancing at the youtube links...

Ben Verene vs. Bebe Neuwirth
Aimee Mann vs. Paul F. Tompkins
Rod Stewart vs. Dolly Parton (!!!)
Joan Osborne vs. Bo Bice
Tom Jones vs. Cerys Matthews (Creepiest thing I've ever watched two seconds of...)
Jessica Simpson vs. Nick Lachey
Zooey Deschanel vs. Will Ferrell (from Elf, remember?)
Rudolf Nereyev vs. Miss Piggy (I have to stop now, this blog post just writes itself, and this is becoming an epic comment.)

Squidhelmet said...

Okay, I decided to do it:



(fellow readers of the Firefly Express are cordially invited to cheggitout!)