Dec 6-7: Making Up For Lost Time

I'm back! My goodness, I was busy this weekend! Yesterday I made some Christmas money at the CCA Holiday Fair, which is actually money to help our little family squeak by until 2009 without real jobs. I had a great time; it's really fun selling directly to my target audience of 16-24 year-olds. They really like my stuff and I get a big ego boost out of it. 

But enough with this chatter. This Christmas song I found may beat Slade in the awesomest, weirdest, spookiest categories. Again I plumbed the holiday depths of the UK to find this for y'all. Without further ado, I present to you Wizzard, performing "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Eery Day." Enjoy!

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Squidhelmet said...

Man, when that creepy goth Santa dude picks up that child it makes my skin crawl.

That Edgar Winter-lookin host comes in a close second for Creepiest dude in this youtube video.