My last Christmas in Portland, I attended a holiday party where someone had gotten a hold of the infamous 1878 Star Wars Christmas Special. The horror stories surrounding this piece of television are many and delightful, and we were all super excited to experience it.

But even after two Manhattans and a great deal of holiday cheer, I found it completely unwatchable! And believe me, I love Star Wars and have a lot of patience for its embarassments. I deserted the TV for a private reading of "The Night Before Christmas," and moved on with my evening. Therefore, I present to you a piece of entertainment unwatched by you or me; "Happy Life Day," the faux-Christmas holiday celebrated by space peoples of many galaxies. Enjoy?


Squidhelmet said...

Oh God! Why won't it die! It really is skin-crawlingly unwatchable. Creepiest moment for me is the baby wookie that appears around 5:10 (right before the wookies bow their heads and pray before eating.. this is a wtf-fest!)

Crystal said...

i was just reminiscing about that today! The half hour of wookie talk is what did me in!

ted d. said...

I loved the 1878 Star Wars Christmas Special you mention the best, for you could just about see Princess Leia's wrist after her crinoline wardrobe malfunction.