Postcards From the Edge...I mean, SLO.

Dear Readers,

Things got crazy! Things always get crazy, if they aren't already crazy, and this occurrence is especially common around the holidays. And often, things are not as they seem. Even I, the biggest Christmas fan in these United States, get cranky sometimes.

A few short moments after this idyllic photo was taken, I made some cruel remark to my mother across the table and shattered a lovely holiday brunch! Christmas stress is a bitch and it affects everyone, even in a seemingly safe zone like the Madonna Inn Cafe. So today I say, let's all take a deep breath, relax, and try not to lash out at your loved ones. Ten days 'til Christmas!


Squidhelmet said...

I can't imagine this idyllic holiday scene could be interrupted with humbuggery. I refuse to believe it! I saw your twitter about this event and after hearing about it this second time and seeing the picture, I can't help but try and fill in the story to guess at the awful thing you said.

A snarled racial slur?
An insinuation of bad parenting? (Always the Achilles heel of my family gatherings!)
An implication that Santa doesn't exist?

Who can know?

Love that they still have those hideous chalices.

ted d. said...

what the shit! that's what happens when you use up all the powerful fun at the madonna inn without planning your birthday there....

Jen said...

You make me laugh out loud! Yes, every Christmas I skillfully manage to reinforce what an ungrateful, snarling and bitchy daughter I am. It wouldn't be a Christmas if I didn't make my mom cry (I swear to the God of Christmas Kitsch that it's not my fault).

And S.H., I'm right there with you..."insinuation of bad parenting" is usually the root of it all...though a nice racial slur might mix things up next year...