Hello--More Yellow!

The Born Begonia Sandal is truly the greatest shoe I have ever owned. Not only do I get compliments every single time I wear these shoes, but they are incredibly comfortable, especially for a flip-flop. (Yes, I know flip-flops are bad for your feet, but these are special! Seriously.)

I wore these to Disneyland last year and was on my feet for 13 hours. I hardly felt a thing at the end of the night. A year later, they still look new and I wear them constantly. A little expensive, but so much better than the over-rated Danskos (which I always find myself tripping in, not to mention the ungodly stench when one doesn't wear socks) in terms of style and comfort. Highly recommended, and, as you can see, the same genius shade of yellow that's all the rage right now. Also available in a million other colors.

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