Hey America!

There are some lame stories going around the Internets right now. First, the legendary Bob Dylan gets mistaken for a transient. Then Shah Rukh Khan, a beloved Bollywood star and one of the most famous people in the world, gets detained at a New York airport.

It is beyond ironic, and just gets into plain ridiculous territory when you discover that Khan was in the US to promote a film he made about racial profiling after 9/11. Seriously? Really? I am astounded by the TSA's levels of ignorance, yet absurd things like this happen routinely, and not everyone has celebrity status to back them up. Blergh.

The only thing I can do as an American citizen is apologize to super-hottie Khan by playing this video from Kal Ho Naa Ho, a great Bollywood starter film that will make you weep like a little weepy baby by the closing credits.

Moral: don't be a racist, an ageist, or a jerk, and above all, know your celebrities, people.


anna said...

Another thing that is happening is that people are comparing health care reform to Nazi Germany, and carrying posters of Obama with a Hitler moustache! What's going on?!?!

Kate & Oli said...

oh my god, stuff like this drives me crazy. the celebrity ignorance, not the racism :)

Periodspacecapital said...

This reminds me of when they wouldn't let Oprah into the Farragamo store, but it's much worse.

pollyanna cowgirl said...

Anna, that is f'd. Also, the folks who tote guns to Obama's appearances just "because they can." Yay rights?