Sunday Stash!

Thanks to my new blogamigo Chantry, I'm now introducing yet another Sunday feature, Sunday Stash. This is when people with absurd amounts of fabric showcase a favorite every Sunday! I totally fit into this category, so here goes!

This fabric is a new addition to my stash, from the fine folks at Superbuzzy, who have unequaled taste in zakka. I call it my depression-fighting fabric, because it's all about being mindful of the little things, like tea time and good books and cute birds.

If I can ever bring myself to cut into it, I might make a tiny quilt with little squares for each activity/reminder. Can you think of any other ideas?

If your drawers are overflowing with unused fabric and you want to join Sunday Stash too, go here and sign up!

1 comment:

Chantry said...

wow, a shout out!!! I'm honored...ur pretty awesome.
and I'm a big dork.