City Livin'

I've been blessed with some great free stuff lately. At my temp job yesterday, where a lucky group of world-renowned "continence specialists" (read: pee doctors!) enjoyed a grand party at the Carnelian Room, there were tons of gorgeous and super-expensive flower arrangements left over. The event team basically forced an arrangement on each temp; they would have gone straight to the trash otherwise.

Mine was beautiful, a mix of purple dahlias and white orchids, but it weighed about 8000 pounds. I could barely lift it. But I had to take it, I just had to! As I tottered down Montgomery Street back to the BART station, it quickly became clear that my weeny little arms would not be able to carry it all the way home,. I looked around for a person to give it to, but the streets were mostly empty. I thought about leaving it on the ground or on top of a trash can, but that seemed depressing. I staggered on, hoping that I'd run into someone who looked like they might accept a huge flower arrangement from a stranger.

Turns out, the second I saw the BART workers in their little ticket booth, I knew they were the meant-to-be recipients of my floral burden. I went up to the window, said my piece, "This sounds weird, but..." and moments later, having handed the vase over to a totally stoked lady, ran down the steps empty-handed. It was awesome.

I also procured a free dining table and chairs recently, which made me excited about home decor again! Here are some pics of my little city cottage.

My brother and I.

Tin friends.

China collection.

Sewing station.

The table! I am a lucky lady.

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