Mrs. Muir: Fashion Icon?

I'm kind of obsessed with The Ghost and Mrs. Muir right now. It is the perfect mid-October movie! I'm a firm believer that certain movies should be watched during certain months.

Seasonal viewing--it's like seasonal eating; natural and good for you. Withnail and I is a January for sure, Amelie in March, and of course, I pack December with the zillions of holiday-themed movies that just feel weird any other time of the year.

I also like wearing seasonal clothes and colors, but you knew that already. Here's an incredible autumny haircomb from Etsy seller The Honeycomb--I love all these new hair fashions that totally work on short-haired peoples.

Apparently my new office is directly across from the Easy Spirit flagship store, which looks just like all the other Easy Spirit stores. Easy Spirits have a bad rep for being hideous comfort shoes (remember that commercial with all the businesswomen playing basketball in their high heels?), but they seem to be improving.

I've been coveting a pair of fall oxfords for a while, and after searching high and low for the perfect ones, I discovered they were right in front of me the whole time at Easy Spirit.
I think these are just the shoes Mrs. Muir might have worn while walking the beach, don't you? More Mrs. Muir fashions coming tomorrow!


Christopher said...

My wife is the same way. Seasons movies, books. It is always a delight to see what inspires her.

Jessie Fincham said...

i LOVE the ghost and Mrs. Muir! it's one of my favourites :) i could definitely watch it again this month!

Christie Cottage said...

Yes, such a wonderful movie, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir".

I think you are right on the shoes too.

Makes me want to watch that movie!

Thanks for posting on my blog thread.

http://christiecottage.blogspot.com I will be following your blog.

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prashant said...

i could definitely watch it again this month!

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