I've been a bit remiss in sharing my holiday joy this year; but don't fret. I still have some magic up my sleeve for you. Let me begin with this. When I drove home from my parents' house after Thanksgiving, I listened to Christmas music on the radio almost the whole way, except for the patches where I could only get Art Bell or Spanish-language talk radio. I was enjoying the usual jingle jams, and then I heard something that confused me big time.

It was beloved opera star Andrea Bocelli, singing a slow-ass version of Jingle Bells. Like, really slow. "Jeeeengeeeel beeeells, geeeenegelle beelles, jeeeengelle all ze waaaaaay..." I thought, "is this a joke? No one sings 'Jingle Bells' as a romantic ballad." But there he was, drawing out each syllable in his lovely Italian accent. Simply put, It was AWFUL! Then, to confuse me even more, the MUPPETS started singing along with the chorus! But it was still totally subdued and serious. What a miserable incongruous pairing! Why did John Denver have to die? My brain exploded, and I was forced to refocus on theharrowing task of driving.

Fast forward to tonight, when I was hunting down humorous holiday videos for you all. I found this, which is actually very, very charming and sweet, and explains a lot. Why did they take all the good stuff out of the radio edit? Fools.


Ann @allthingspaper said...

How has no one commented on this hilarious post before moi?! I'm glad you found me via twitter which led to my coming here... I so needed a chuckle or two this eve and your blog is fulfilling that nicely - thank you. I'd write more, but I need to get back to reading your posts.

pollyanna cowgirl said...

Ha! I'm glad you like it; I think sometimes I turn people off with my Christmas music obsession. :) Thanks for your comment!