Ooops! Time flies when you're having "fun!" I truly don't understand what happens to the passage of time once the weather turns cold, but all of a sudden Christmas is over and it's the crazy robotic future times of 2010!

I'm starting off this magical year with the Pollyanna post-holiday classic, an oozing coldsore that appeared once the clock struck midnight, but I'm not letting that deter my excitement for what the next few months have to offer. Luckily, I don't have to show my hideous face to the general public because I'm back to working at home! I'll be taking a short break from corporate drudgery while I prepare for a major new project that I hope will blow your mind as much as it's blown mine. Keep your ears open!

Since I won't be sitting in a cubicle reading about the varying types of conjoined twins or the Reverend Sun Myung Moon (thanks, Wikipedia, for all the entertainment during the past few months), I'll have a few more hours free to get down to PC business. That means more time for blogging, picture-taking, and making, making, making!

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Periodspacecapital said...

Bring it on!