People Make Weird Choices

I've been really good lately at taking chances on new movies instead of just watching Season 3 of The Office for the 500th time. I chose the 2007 documentary Crazy Love because it was on Netflix's list of Oakland favorites, and I thought I should see why the rest of the city liked it so much.

Crazy Love is the story of Burt Pugach, who hires thugs to throw lye into his ex-girlfriend's Linda's eyes after she jilts him. She goes blind, he goes to jail, and 17 years later, they get married. It's a really sad, fucked-up story told in sort of an offhand, jovial way, which I found interesting. The tone really differs from the subject matter; kind of like, "Hey, look at these two goofballs," as opposed to something much darker.

I do love character studies, though, and while it's clear that Pugach is a sociopath, Linda was a little harder to figure out. This was a great sewing movie because like most documentaries, it didn't have much action, just lots of talking. Recommended if you want to feel weird for the rest of the day. Do not watch on Valentine's Day.


Giggly said...

Sounds fun. :)

Crystal said...

that one stayed with me for a long time. I love the part where she just bitches at him all the time and then says that he deserves it for what he did. effed up logic.

cardiogirl said...

whoa, whoa gingah. The woman with the cat-eyed sunglasses is the woman whose eyes were burned with lye?

I. Must. See. This.

pollyanna cowgirl said...

Yes, ma'am! She's never without them. FUCKED.