I hit the Oakland Museum of CA's White Elephant Sale last weekend. What an amazing place! A 19,000 square foot warehouse filled with gems that were practically being given away. I got a bunch of craft books, over 20 hardbound classics ($4 to fill a grocery bag), and some bits and bobs for under $10!

This sweet needle set was 50 cents. Since we went late in the day on Sunday, all items were half-price. Score!

Butch Beaver, from a sock craft book.

I really like these pillows!

Excellent colors from a Jaeger pattern pamphlet.

I actually got this above stuff at Pauline's Antiques in Alameda on Saturday, another place I've been meaning to go forever. I have the matching cup to this plate, so I was blown away when I found it!

My new best friend for spring! I love these little honeycomb paper guys. All in all, it was a banner weekend; I mean, I left the house both days!


Crystal said...

Oh, I love Jaeger!

Anonymous said...


Polly Danger said...

The blue honeycomb bunny I inherited from my name-twin sits cheerfully above my desk by the way. He is loved. I try to sneak him into product photos every now and then . . .