Just picked up this fabric at Stonemountain and daughters. The phones are huge; what should I make with this stuff? I'm thinking a giant tote bag, a pillow, or using the phones for iron-ons. Ideas, please!

Generally speaking, I'm on a fabric-buying moratorium, as I have so much stockpiled and haven't been doing any sewing lately at all. But this was too good. Reminds me of Andy Warhol's shoe sketches.


Petals said...

This makes me need some stone mountain and daughter shopping. I always have to put myself on a very strict budget while I am there.

pollyanna cowgirl said...

Oh my gosh! Now that I got your comment, I totally realized that I actually got this fabric at Piedmont Fabric! Have you ever been there? It's much smaller, but the owner is a master seamstress and knows tons about fabric (she used to work at Poppy back in the day).

Petals said...

I haven't been there yet but now I will have to go next time I am in the area.