Big Sur

Peter and I spent a fantastic thirty-six hours in Big Sur a few weeks ago. It's only about two hours away from Oakland, but seems like a totally different world. We got lost and crossed this river three times. Peter took off his shoes every time; I was too lazy and walked around with soaked sneakers. Plus, I don't like slimy rocks. One time Mike and I were lounging on some rocks in the middle of the Sandy River; upon eventual leisurely inspection, he discovered they were covered with kazillions of leeches. Scarred for life!

I love, love, love the Central Coast. Maybe this is why I'm not wildly driven to travel; California has so much to offer.

Tiger, Tiger by Emil White

This guy was apparently Henry Miller's best buddy in Big Sur; I don't know why his work isn't more well-known as it is way awesome.

The Henry Miller Library was a quaint little place; even if you're not into Henry Miller (I'm not), it has a small, strange selection of books and a gigantic cat. It takes a lot of commitment to actually live in Big Sur, which he did for a long time. 

There were tons of posters of the films adapted from his sexy-time books.

Deetjen's, where we ate dinner and met a great cat. Peter and I haven't had a weekend getaway since 2006, I believe, so I felt like that gave us license to be a little extravagant. I had the best paella of my life.

It was a great trip!


Anonymous said...

loved reading about your trip - catherine

Giggly said...

Love this post! One of my favorite getaways. :)