Down at Lulu's: Pink and Punk

 I got my yearly haircut/color last week. I know I'm constantly yapping about the power of home haircuts, but I like to get the real deal once or twice a year so I have good lines to follow, and also because it is such a nice, nice treat.

My official favorite salon is Down at Lulu's, right on the Berkeley/Oakland border.  Tina is a big, beautiful broad who is basically the coolest person in the world. She knows everything about bubblegum/garage/punk music and has glorious collections of vintage whatnots, but doesn't make you feel like you're any less cool for being a little bit square.

Tina and Seth, co-owners of the salon.

The pink exterior jazzes up an otherwise boring block of Telegraph.

Derek showed me this video when I visited Portland last summer; I was like, "Hey! Those people cut my hair!" I had no idea about the adorable band Hunx and His Punx.

Oh, and here's my hair!


anna said...

You are cutest magic! I should make an appointment there next time I'm in SF, hm? See you so soon, but not soon enough...xoox (PS captcha is "helly")

Missy said...

Seth used to be my pen pal back in the day! We did zines! I love those cats on the first picture for sure!

Giggly said...

Awwww, I love this post! Your hair is adorable...as always! :) I wish I could get my hair done there! I love that video too. XOXOX

Erin said...

hallos, it's me Erin, the one that compares child celebs in their grown-up state to cereal pieces!

I met Hunx & the rest of Gravy Train in Brooklyn in 2004 after a show, invited them all to my apartment. They didn't come (I was way drunx) but they were all so quite unexpectedly nice.

and btw, your hair looks super cute!