I accidentally ended up on the 11th floor of the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel a few weeks ago. Sounds exciting, right? Well, not really. I was there to meet my mom and her friends, who were actually staying at the non-Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel, the Intercontinental. Oops. However, my mistake gave me another opportunity to see the famous San Francisco Twins, Vivian and Marian Brown, on their way home for the night.

I was surprised to find out that there really isn't very much information out there about these two, except that they're twins, they dress alike, and live together on Nob Hill. Well, duh! I want the dirt, I always want more, more, more information. But in my extensive research (which, of course, involved the complex process of Googling "san francisco twins") I found that they seem to be plain ol' folks who are just a little bit crazy (no big surprise there). I think the reason that there aren't any epic articles or interviews about them is because they are strange and simple people who seem really happy doing what they do, meeting people, getting attention, and going about their business.

Here's an excited drunk lady interviewing the Browns. I love it!


Crystal said...

Fucking awesome! I think you were meant to see them Polly. Maybe you should write a book about their lives.

PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

all of the years I lived in SF... never once saw these gals. But I sure do love reading about them!