(This is a real peek into my awesome psyche and also explains how I had and paid for a 24 Hour Fitness membership for a full year without ever entering the building once, except to cancel said membership.)

I went swimming at Temescal Pool today. This was a huge deal for me, as I have talked/thought/obsessed about swimming there for the nearly four years I've lived in this hood, but my anxiety always had the upper hand. It is not easy for me to do new things. I really like swimming, though! I used to swim daily in San Luis Obispo, but the idea of a new and different pool was extremely daunting. I have been taking tiny steps to actually get in the pool since last year. I have had my swim pass since July 2010. I actually got up the nerve to put on my suit and go a few months ago, only to discover upon arrival that the pool was closed due to a government furlough.

However, today was the day. I checked the website to make sure the State of California wouldn't ambush me again. I swam for 30 minutes and now I feel like this:


Becky said...

Yay you! You're swimming! You're swimming!

It's hard to do something new and something fitnessy, so big props, lady!


Fashalina aka The Hyperbalist said...

HAHA I just came upon your blog by clicking on your comment on Crystal's blog blend (i feel like a stalker but this is how the internet works these day. A click here and there and you're reading about someone's life you've never met or seen) haha BUTTT I had to comment because this was HILARIOUS! Apparently we have very similar psyches because I have done the EXACT same thing. Pay for a gym membership for literally six months and not go ONCE. not ONE TIME. haha, and also try something new and then feel disproportionately proud of myself even though I'm doing it at the most basic level, like bill murray sailing in What About Bob. love this post!