Although I spent most of my Los Angeles time underneath a steamy tent, I did have a few opportunites to get out and about with my beloved friend Crystal, who knows just what I want from a vacation. So many of my friends are living far away from me, so in lieu of tourist activities, I would much rather chill out with a loved one, eat ice cream sandwiches with homemade Nutella ice cream (!!) and watch approximately 35 episodes of Say Yes to the Dress interspersed with a few doses of Pawn Stars and My Strange Addiction. (MY strange addiction: watching cable at other people's houses!)

I didn't eat any KFC, but I found myself stuffed with chicken strips constantly thanks to the Ludo truck, a magical rolling chicken machine that was stationed at Renegade. So darn good! The below is a choice bit of Crystal and Scott's home decor.

We took a little journey to LACMA in the evening to see the Urban Light exhibit; it was so pretty. Here are a bunch of pictures that are way better than any I took. I felt that on this particular trip, my eyes were open to more of LA's charms than its gross qualities, which was really refreshing and made me want to spend more time there!

A fancy Manhattan at the outdoor museum bar. This was my high-rollin' night and we did it up right. 

 image from space15twenty

Crystal took me to the famous Umami Burger, where I couldn't resist ordering something called the Stinkburger. Now I can say I've eaten a hamburger with fried anchovies on it. It was a little much, even for me, but I'm glad I took the salty plunge. Their burgers are just the right size; look how puffy the bun is!

LA! Foods, friends, fried anchovies. I will be returning soon. 


Periodspacecapital said...

Oh yes! I love Say Yes To The Dress! It is so addicting!

Crystal said...

Yay! I had the best time ever! Monte says hi ;-)