Wow. I did it. Two weekends, two craft shows, two of California's best cities, three servings of fried chicken, and lots of friends. I was lucky enough to be next to Two Rabbits Studios, a crew of dudes who bring the party wherever they go (as well as a much-needed dose of male energy to a field dominated by the ladies). They made the above bingo card--awesome.

This dolly is from Hillery Spoat of Specks and Keepings; since my birthday is usually near Renegade, I often get to pick out a present from Peter there, and this year I chose one of these. So incredibly beautiful and strange!
Here's me, my stuff, and my boothmates in SF!

Picked up some sweet shirts; kind of out of my usual fashion range but these were just too good. The first: J'aime Tacos from MNKR

I fell in love with this print; it's already framed and above my bed: Best Friends by Nan Lawson.

I got a handful of great postcards from Catlin, but this was by far the best: Inspiration by Caitlin Holcomb of Nice.

 The best part of doing these shows was meeting new friends, seeing people I haven't seen in years, and getting to say hello to Internet amigos that I adore but hadn't yet met IRL. (yeah, I said it.) I got to meet the most wonderful Becky Haycox, a true soul sistah, and the awesome Jenny Ryan, who even bought one of my California necklaces!

Yay for shows, and yay for the relaxation when they're over!



Suzanne said...

OMG, Polly! I might have to copycat you and get that taco t-shirt! Laura and I were sorry to miss Renegade SF; It overlapped with our week in Portland. :-( !

pollyanna cowgirl said...

I *did* think of you guys! Oh man, how was Portland? The taco shirt is great; I have t-shirt problems so I cut the neck out of it and now wear it every other day. You should get one too! :)

Suzanne said...

I totally got one! :-) Portland was great - really intense. Lots of inspiring seminars and readings in addition to the workshop. We all have to meet up soon!