we have a winner!

The announcement is a little late, but I shall now state that the winner of the Vintage Craft Workshop giveaway is....BECKY HAYCOX! Becky, who I happen to be longtime internet buds with (but is totally the legit winner as I used one of those random number generator thingies), is an amazing crafter, quilter, and seriously funny lady who I had the great pleasure of meeting in person at Renegade LA when she visited the Pollyannacowgirl booth, which immediately made her boyfriend's nose bleed with its crafty powers. Yay Becky! Your book is on the way.

Here are some pics from some of my vintage craft books; the only thing that would make the above any better is if the toilet was brown. I do love a brown terlet.

I pretty much want to eat this Jaeger pattern pamphlet as the colors are tremendous.

Oh, and this is Butch.

Now that we have a scanner (that Peter found for five bucks, thank you very mucho!) I should put up some more pics like this, eh? Thanks to everyone who entered my first giveaway and there will be more to come!


Becky said...

What?!?!?! ME????? EEEEEEEEEEE! I'm so happy! Thank you my dear dear Polly! This has been a red-letter Polly-Becky year. Thank you, hon!

Spanky said...

Yay Butch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!