teaching time!

me showing the lovely Samantha Barsky how to do somethin' with felt
 I love teaching fun and easy things that I know how to do! Since I'm a dabbler in everything and an expert in nothing, teaching beginning crafts is awesome for me. Since starting work at Modern Mouse six (six!) months ago, they've kindly let me teach some workshops. I'm gonna do one tonight based on the tutorial I created for Wikia Easy Crafts, which you can see here! If you've never made the trek out to Alameda, it's worth it; such a strange and charming town, and the shop is the best as well.

Oooh. While watching my own video (yeah, that's how I roll) I discovered something wonderful. I don't know anything about The Craft Lady, but it looks like she's helping promote a chain of craft stores in Utah? I want her dress.

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