My goodness! All these years I've been thinking that you have to be a genius to do French knots, so I never even tried. What a dingus. They're not so bad! I learned by watching the first two minutes of this video from Needle n' Thread.

We also had an Oakland adventure on Saturday that started with going to Sears and ended up with me treating myself to two Kumamoto oysters at Adesso. In between those events, I picked up something I've been coveting, Adventures in Stitches by Mariska Karasz. Seasoned needlework pros are probably way familiar with her work, but even if you're not into stitches, the book is a mid-century masterpiece. I actually found it last year but was being a pennypincher. This weekend I decided I was allowed to spend $12 ($12! Sheesh!) and I am now a happy book owner.

from the Design Atlas blog 
This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing books I've ever come across. From the size of the pages to the texture of the cover, it brings me great pleasure.

from Baby Bean Vintage Studio
I'm really shocked that there isn't more attention being paid to her work right now; there are a handful of blog posts and one retrospective, but it seems like there's so much to talk about. I want a museum! I also think her life could make a solid movie. Hollywood?

from Biblocycle
Here are some nice links to find more info and images of Karasz' own work: