All funny people look the same

People are full of surprises. Last night a parking attendant told me, "You have a Carol Burnett smile." At first I was like, "Huh? That's the weirdest compliment I've ever heard!" But now in looking at Google pics of her, she always looks wild and happy, which is a look I'm glad I can offer within the constraints of a parking structure, so I'm totally into it. She also has excellent teeth, for which I thank my parents daily (genes and extensive orthodontia ftw!).

This was much better than the time someone said I reminded them of Vivian Vance, who I totally respect and love as a comedienne, but come on! Ethel? Sheesh. But really, I'll take a comparison to any talented goofball female. Plus, poor old Vivian's contract with Lucy forced her to stay on the frumpy side.

actually, Viv is killing it in this dress! Adorable.

What's your fave/least fave celebrity comparison?


bvann said...

You do have a Carol smile! Nice.

My fave comparison is, of course, Jay McCarroll form Project Runway fame. I met him once and he was funny and charming, and I would be glad to be his look alike.

Least fave, Perez Hilton. Gross.

Crystal said...

How about the time Derek was obsessed with that internet thing where you upload a photo and it tells you who you look like. He was so happy to call and tell me I got Audrey Hepburn and Courtney Love as my lookalikes. hah. Talk about best and worst!

Derek Estes said...

Well, I've been told I looked like Brian Posehn and Todd Solondz .... sooo, you know that hasn't really worked out for me so much.

polly conway said...

Derek, I think that the world also has "everyone with big black glasses looks the same" issues. That's the only defining feature that ties you to those guys. PS. Brian Posehn's stand-up is really good.