How's your eye placement?

Grunwald by Chet and Dot
I've been on Etsy a LONG time. Like, since the first week it launched. One of my first favorite shops was Chet and Dot, and I still love returning to it to see how their stuff has changed and developed.  I had one short second to look at their booth at Crafty Wonderland, but I could live in their world of sweet soft colors and textures forever.

Snow Bunny
I think this plush is a perfect example of how important eye placement is to cuteness. If I made graphs, I could make a really good one on this subject. I think about eye placement a lot. Is that okay?

Pistachio Cream Pincushion
I also like Chet and Dot because they're a reminder that we can all use the same materials (felt, Japanese fabric, etc) but come up with totally different things. I get worried that there's nothing new under the sun, but it really is the personal touch that makes products differ from each other.

Spring Tulips