The "cation" of Craftcation!

Treats from the Urban Craft Center; I bought two big balls of wool felting!

(Please excuse the rambling nature of this post as I just have so dang much to say!

Oh, hi! I can't believe it's been a whole week since Craftcation! How did that happen? I had such an excellent time. Ever since I found out about it, I knew that it was the perfect fit, and I just had to be there. I've considered going to other similar conferences, but they seem to have design at the forefront, and really, I'm a crafter. That's how I roll. Also, I am cheap, and this was an event I could drive to, stay with friends, and volunteer at to keep costs low. Score! 

Sometimes I calm my nerves by taking pictures of myself while sitting in the car. That's normal, yes?
On volunteering: I highly recommend volunteering for anything you want to attend, as it not only can get you a deal, but can alleviate some of the anxiety that goes along with meeting lots of new people in a strange place. You get a little tiny bit of power, and for me, that's very helpful. This is why I signed up to work for my department in grad school, love to usher at plays, etc. It works!

truly remarkable hotel carpet
It was pretty gloomy throughout the weekend, but I managed to achieve one of my main networking goals: get acquainted with the hotel pool!

The view from my hotel room.

I don't like the term "networking." It implies that you have to work hard and talk to people you don't know or even necessarily like to "get somewhere." I don't want to do that! What I do want to do is get up the nerve to talk to people I respect, who make stuff I'm interested in, and who seem nice. That makes sense to me. This was easy at Craftcation because everyone fit those qualifications. It was great. I was pretty nervous on the first day (thank god for iPhones that make you look busy and important), but by Sunday, I was waving hi to every 30-something woman I saw in Ventura.

Most excellent Kelly of Superbuzzy and myself.
 I didn't end up having to work as much as I expected, which gave me some glorious free time to spend with a box of crackers, a Diet Coke, and my family of television detectives in the hotel room. My god. So relaxing.
Organizer and general shit-together-haver Nicole Stevenson
Lovely Johanna, crazy me, and my new necklace
 I know this picture isn't the most flattering (hello chinneck!), but it's a good representation of how excited I was to meet friends that I'd previously only known online. My new amiga Johanna of Ruby Buffalo gave me this incredible Swistraw necklace. What! So nice.

As you can see, I was pretty much ecstatic the whole time. Working as a writer/maker can be isolating, but it just makes it that much more exciting when you get to see your friends.
Laydeez! Moi, Cathy Callahan, and Nicole Vasbinder. Pinch me!
 On my non-hotel nights, I was lucky enough to stay with my dear friend Becky, who I have only met three times but who has soul sister status. Bless the internet for bringing good people into my life! More on that in the next post, along with proof that I did attend at least one workshop, and my out-of-control visits to Superbuzzy's new storefront. 
Beautiful stitches in Becky's bathroom (I have some embroidery in my bathroom too; why is that a thing?)   


Becky said...

Oh stop it, you! You're so great. My dear mother would have been DELIGHTED to have a embroidery work of hers featured on the whole wide internet! Sigh. Can't wait for part two! Why aren't you here right now? I'm having fun with fusible interfacing! Excuse the rambling nature of this comment; reading your post got me all giddy all over again! COME BACK COME BACK

krista messer said...

I love this post, you are inspirational!