Central coastal!

Damn, I love the Central Coast. I took it nice and slow on the way to Craftcation today. I haven't stopped at Pea Soup Andersen's in years, but I did today and I don't regret it. The music they piped into the bathrooms was delightful! I also made it out without buying all the things. Whew!

I made sure to arrive in Ventura just in time to hear Cathy Callahan's presentation on the ballsy women who spearheaded the crafty movement and made it possible for the layperson to get their hands on styrofoam shapes and Swistraw! I enjoyed it so much, I think a full California craft history class is in order. Cathy?

Then I ate some delicious BBQ and miraculous mayonnaise-less coleslaw with some nice peeps. The cupcake options alone were worth coming here for.

Tomorrow is my volunteer day so I'm taking it easy on the fold-out couch of a fine, fine friend. Craftcation!