Craftcation Part III: COLORS

I really only made the trip so I could visit my friend Strudel. She's kind of a big deal. Also, I made those pillows an age ago. 
Just one of the aesthetically pleasing cuckoo clocks at Superbuzzy.
Secret Pachinko machine in the back room of Superbuzzy!
Bottega Louie is like Food Disneyland. I don't even understand what they're going for, but I'm all about it. Over the top but irresistible. 
I made the photographer take a million shots of lovely Becky and I. When I get excited, I get crazy eyes! 
A heavenly quilt greeted us at the Olivas Adobe in Ventura. 

Crystal's couchside stitching. So freaking incredible! 

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La Fée Verte said...

So cute! :)