Sneak Peek

Photo by Trader Chris on Flickr
I'm a very lucky lady, because I will soon be making my triumphant return to the Madonna Inn. Well, I go there practically every month to brunch with my familia or grab a drink with my brother (for those who don't know, I grew up in San Luis Obispo, home of the Madonna Inn and much natural beauty), but this time I get to stay in a room with some of my very favorite people in the world. Who have never been there! I can't wait.

There is nothing ironic about the Madonna Inn, and I think that's why it remains so successful. It's one woman's true idea of beauty, taken to the limit, and I can get behind that one hundred percent. Even their Facebook page doesn't wink at the kitsch lovers like me; it just offers straightforward menu updates (today's fish of the day? Mahi mahi) and a few special events. I intend to spend a goodly amount of time lounging at the above pool and drinking champagne. I snuck into the pool a few years ago when it first opened. They kept trying to get me to order a drink, but I held strong. This time it will be legit!

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Derek Estes said...

My current dream lifestyle of only wearing tennis shorts will be realized during this vacation.