Spring Cleaning Giveaway: Lotta Jandsdotter Handmade Living

Ugh. CLEANING. It's the worst. I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a messy person, but I'm a little reluctant to admit that when cleaning the pantry last week, I found a bag filled with hoarded ketchup packets from before we even moved in. Five years ago.

The above is not unusual. While I'm all about small space lifestyle, it can be a handful to keep clean. Especialy when one dweller hoards paper and tools and the other yarn, costume jewelry, fabric, beads...well, you get the idea.
But I did make something after I cleaned up a little bit of mess! Tissue covers are a nice smooth transition back into the sewing world. I've got about 20 done and I feel really satisfied looking at them in a neat little stack.

Plus, sometimes you find hidden treasures when you clean! I though my FART underpants were long gone before I even had a chance to wear them, but looky what turned up in a laundry hamper full of (clean) fabric!

Anyway, in honor of my new commitment to tidying this joint up, I want to give away this lovely fresh copy of Lotta Jandsdotter's Handmade Living. I'm not super into aspirational lifestyle books as they can make me feel like a lowly worm trying to surface from under my own filth, but this one is great! I love Lotta because she makes it seem possible to get that modern Scandinavian look that's still cozy without spending a mint on some fancypants furniture.

Do you want this book? Leave a comment about how you keep the clutter chaos under control (or how it devours your spirit when you can't). On Wednesday I'll pick a random winner and send you your special prize!


Unknown said...

haha you ketchup packet tidbit of woe made me crack up!!! I have the fear of that happening, so here's my ketchup packet oriented clutter chaos control tip: keep the ketchup packets in a mug or bowl on the kitchen counter, and use them as needed before going to the ketchup bottle in the fridge. Usually, all you need is what's in a packet anyway! Tot works. We're slowling working through our collection of 20 or so packets, and tossed our months long almost-empty bottle of ketchup that would never stay balanced in the fridge.

Unknown said...

that is, *your* ketchup packet tidbit.

Periodspacecapital said...

Those fart underpants are stupendous! I would giggle a little each time I lived up to their namesake. :) Also, are the tissue covers for the boxes of tissues or the teeny travel size packs. My mom lives and dies by travel tissues. I sense a stocking stuffer in my mom's future. :)

Kristy/Kristen said...

I love/am jealous of Lotta. I spend at least 20 minutes every single day picking up clutter and my motto is:"take care of the details or the details will TAKE CARE OF YOU!" meaning they will finish you if you let them get out of hand. :)

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