Thrift score of a lifetime

I try not to go to the Oakland Depot for Creative Reuse too often, because I just don't have room for all the finds that await me there every dang time. However, when I saw this, I actually gasped. I may have swooned. The counter lady gave it to me for a mere five bucks because I so patiently waited for the nutty people ahead of me in line to make their ten thousand purchases.

How I feel about my 3 foot tall vintage crewel flower stand
The only problem with my giant, green-velvet framed masterpiece is that there is seriously, truly, no place to put it. I won't subject Peter to it as I try to keep the main room of our home somewhat gender-neutral and it's the girliest thing I've ever seen. Physically it will fit in the bathroom, but I dunno. Maybe. Right now it's doing what many of my other favorite art pieces are doing: leaning up against something and being in the way. It's okay. I'm just glad to have it in my life.

I also scored the above; ten skeins of Bear Brand Ping Pong yarn, which only smells a little musty, and these gorgeous liquid embroidery pens. A little research shows that Tri-Chem products were sold Tupperware-party-style, which sounds awesome!

image from Margot Potter
 The tragedy here: none of the pens work. I'm not done experimenting but I think they may be too old. Bummer! Any advice?

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