Various and Sundry

After what I choose to describe as a "challenging" few days, I'm back on top of shiz. I got a ton of new beads on my most recent trip to General Bead, which was a little disconcerting as the eccentric owner and his eccentric son were nearly coming to blows when I walked up to the second floor where all the good beads are. I think they spend so much time in the shop they forgot it isn't a private home, but still; even though they both saw me, they kept fighting! It was kind of amazing. I slunk back downstairs until it was over, and I got a handful of free beads in the end as an apology. 

I finally ordered a long-coveted item: a hand-carved stamp from Natalie Cervantes! I'm hoping to use it for my packaging, which is forever changing.

Lastly, Trader Joe's Bistro Biscuits are really, really good. 

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