What We Talk About When We Talk About CATS

Cat Walk by Matou en peluche, my favorite draw-er of cats and girls
Well, we finally bit the bullet and signed up to be foster cat parents. It's getting to the point where we talk about cats just as much as people who actually have cats do, and anyone who talks about cats that often should really have a cat. Seriously. But we are terrified people who cannot make major decisions, which is great news for the homeless Maine Coons of Alameda County.

Hopefully a Maine Coon of unknown parentage or disposition should be arriving on our doorstep from Maine Coon Adoptions any day now, and I can't wait. We will care for kitty until he/she goes to their forever home, or we end up not being able to say goodbye! I think it will solve our current cat problems and be a really fun way to re-introduce a real cat into our lives. Have you ever fostered an animal?

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