pollyannacowgirl summer things

pollyannacowgirl summer things

The lovely Meg Allan Cole of Threadbanger and CRAFT fame just posted her summer beauty list, and I got inspired! I also forgot how much fun it is to make collages on Polyvore. I like to look natural and casual in the summer, but I also love beauty products! Here's what I've got going on this summer. From top left:

  • Garnier BB Cream is truly miraculous. I am lazy with a capital L, so when I first heard about BB creams, which are supposed to do it all for your face, I ran down to Sephora and got samples of the most expensive ones (Dr. Jart, Clinique, etc). I was all excited, but they made my face cakey, George Hamilton-y, and somehow greasy and powdery simultaneously. Then I heard that Garnier, which is your standard drugstore brand, was blowing all the other BB creams out of the water. It's great! It's actually improved my skin quality just like the box says. Smaller pores, general even skin tone. Cons: Smells like 20 grandma perfumes mixed together in a witch's cauldron, not a lot of coverage for extreme adult acne explosions. Still, the benefits outweigh the problems and it's perfect for everyday wear in the summer.

  • My skin decided to do like 10 years worth of aging recently. It's not terrible, but years of no sunscreen and low tank tops took a toll on my youthful decolletage and let's just say things have changed. Oops! I wanted to see if I could reverse the leathery situation on my chest at least a little bit. I read mixed reviews of this Bio-Oil stuff, and thought I'd give it a try. It stinks like the dickens (if the dickens smells like baby powder and motor oil) but I feel good about the results. I also use it on my face at night and things seem to have mellowed out a little bit. The jury's still out on this stuff, but it's cheap and I really want it to work.
  • Sephora brand liquid eyeliners are the best. I use purple as a default because it's supposed to make green eyes pop, but I also have bright blue and gold. Used in conjunction with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, they will not come off until you want them to. A cat eye with a little hot-pink blush and natural lip is how I usually roll on a summer day.
I refuse to resort to this, whatever it is!
  •  Gap Boyfriend Shorts. If you have nice big thighs like me, you may be able to commiserate when I say that ALL SHORTS RIDE UP ALL THE TIME. Unless they are jams or total booty shorts, shorts just won't stay put on my legs. Except for these. I have them in mint green. They make me very happy. 
  • I don't wear perfume, but if I did, I would wear Fresh's Strawberry Flowers. It has nothing to do with strawberries or flowers, but has the most pleasant, summery citrus smell. I also like their Hesperides scent, but it's got like one too many things going on. Strawberry Flowers is nice and simple.
  • I'm allowed to get one MAC product per year. I went in to the shop this week thinking I'd get something Nicki Minaj-pink and wild, or one of those clowny corals, but the girl sold me on Galaxy Rose, which is a really flattering, normal shade that just plain looks pretty. MAC products actually smell good (minty/vanilla mix) and I find that they last forever.
So that's it! Do you have any summer favorites, or new products you're super into? 

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