Bumpass Hell

We took a little trip up north this weekend. I remember visiting Lassen Volcanic National Park when I was a kid, and I wanted to see it again. 

Bumpass Hell hydrothermal area. The colors were off the hook here. Also, the smell!
 It is nuts that this kind of crazy nature is only four hours from my house. It seems like another world. I hate to say that it's possible to be "over" redwoods, but if you've been in California long enough, you might want to see some other terrain. Which is why Lassen is great; it has trees for days and the spooky volcanic aftermath that makes you feel like you're in a Star Trek episode. 

Geothermal oddities are one of my favorite things in nature. For me, getting to see neon-yellow crystals formed from boiling mud blasting out of the ground is just awesome, and so weird. Like the crazy things that happen waaaay down deep in the ocean, the earth's behavior in these areas is so foreign compared to what we normally see that it gives me a little thrill. 

I might as well be seeing one of these guys! So exciting!

Nature. It's pretty great. 

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Lulu said...

Bump Ass Hell! I can't get over how funny it is that they chose that name for the place! It's been awhile since I visited. I look forward to when I can get down there again. Thanks for sharing the photos!