Don't Tell Mama

When Cabaret was revived in the late 90's, I was obsessed. It's just a great story that's got everything; sex, war, money, quarter-life crises, ambition, loneliness (and if you prefer the film, Michael York wearing a sweater like nobody's business). I love all versions of this show, but there's something extra awesome about Judi Dench as Sally Bowles from the original London production. I think this is one of the only videos available of her performance. It's a treat, because her voice isn't that great, which works perfectly as Sally should be electrifying, but not necessarily the most talented person in the room. Love.

Also, gotta give props to the unapologetically round, short-haired ladies on the scene. Judi Dench is the OG and I love her for keeping her signature style all these years. Like a boss!

image from Chic Vintage Brides

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Crystal said...

Um, that wedding dress? YES.