Lady Miss Kier and Pucci Power

Remember the early 90's? I sure do. I was 11 in 1990, and Dee-lite pretty much changed my little life. The color! The energy! The dancing! I was enamored.

Do you ever look back and try to create a timeline of how your tastes developed over the years? It's really fun! If I had any Photoshop skills I would make a sweet graphic, but you'll just have to pretend. Things I loved as a kid that that still influence me to this day: Annie. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It's a Small World.

I totally forgot about Dee-lite and Lady Miss Kier until today. I must have listened to World Clique a thousand times. Obviously I had no idea what the New York club kid scene really was all about when I was in sixth grade, but I really liked her jumpsuit and how much fun they appeared to be having.

Over 20 years later, Kier is still looking gorgeous and wearing all the colors. This Pucci video is a must-see; the patterns! The patterns! 

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