Freaks and Geeks

As you know, I started freelancing expressly so that I could watch more TV. Somehow I made it two whole days without discovering that Freaks and Geeks is now on Netflix Watch Instantly as of Monday! It's like it's my birthday or something, man! I love this show so much.
poster by Adam Juresko
My whole family loves this show! It's a great re-watcher and the characters are amazing, especially considering there were only 18 episodes. Please enjoy my favorite geek, the immortal Bill Haverchuk, working on his Bionic Woman costume for Halloween.

sweet pencils from The Carbon Crusader


Mrs. Jenny Ryan said...

Please enjoy this photo (from a couple yrs ago) of me teaching BILL F-IN' HAVERCHUCK how to make a teeny terrarium!!


pols said...

CANNOT BELIEVE. SO JEALOUS. I have a super crush on Martin Starr! I also adore him as Roman on Party Down. "It's HARD sci-fi!"

Anonymous said...

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