Fabric Zingers of the Week: Dutch Door Press for Kokka

Folk Splendor by Dutch Door Press
It took me about a year, and owning multiple yards of this Kokka fabric to realize that it was designed by Dutch Door Press, an SF-based letterpress company that I've adored for ages. Duh! 

Matryoshka fabric by Dutch Door Press for Kokka, available on Etsy
They also did this one. I like for five reasons: birds, colors, flowers, hearts, matryoshkas.

California quail and poppy print from Dutch Door Press
I bought this California print last year at Renegade and I love it, although I never, ever see any quail. Have you ever seen your state bird?


Bess said...

Polly!!! I cannot believe that you have not seen our awesome state bird. They are the cutest dudes EVER. Point Reyes is a great place to spot them (near the Bear Valley visitor center and other areas with scrubby bushes/grass).

Becky said...

love the fab fabric! I have indeed seen quail. Sequoia/Kings National Park and Forest, and up near the Russian River. And in Arizona, Cactus Wrens are a dime a doz. I wish it were the roadrunner. Meep. xoxo

Double Glazing said...

Don't throw away your old exterior Dutch door hardware. Use your new pieces for a while and ensure that you don’t need the old ones back if the replacements were done incorrectly.