Debbie's Leaf Dress

Debbie's Leaf Dress

Debbie's Leaf Dress by pollyconway featuring Cookoorikoo

Of all the dresses in film history, Debbie Reynolds' leaf dress from Singin' in the Rain has to be my favorite. I was reminded of this last weekend when we got to see the film for a mere $5 at Oakland's opulent Art Deco palace, the Paramount Theater. 

I also think it would look really great on me (Debbie, like her daughter Carrie Fisher and moi, is 5'2" and prone to roundness). Until I get a million dollars to buy it away from the collector who owns the real deal (it's totally still around and wearable!), here's a little collage of treats you can find to recreate the look. 

Pic from Theatrical Historical Society on Flickr
It's a wonderful thing they do, the Paramount, letting a bunch of clowns like me, families, and regular old folks have the run of the theater for one night per month, and I've vowed to get there more often. Here's the schedule if you want in!

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