Craftcation 2013!

 When you work from home, it's fantastic to leave the house and see people sometimes. You're so starved for human contact that you can't resist telling the grocery guy your life story, and the baristas at Starbucks know your cat's name. But what happens when the people you see are all creative, like-minded, inspirational friend/heroes? That's real nice. And it's one of the reasons I'm so super excited to attend Craftcation again this year!

I just had the best time last March; it got me all jazzed about not only my business but my life as a creative person. Sometimes (all the time) I lack confidence in my choices and abilities, but being surrounded by other people succeeding at/trying the same things I am silenced those sour voices in my head and made me feel like a million bucks. I also solidified tons of internet friendships, learned important things about taxes and I kind of fell in love with charming Ventura, a town previously notable only for its legendary mini golf course.

I was so inspired by Jenny Hart's honest keynote that I even raised my hand at the Q&A (and I despise Q&A sessions!). Not everyone at Craftcation is a crafty bigwig (although there are lots, and they are really nice). Some people are just testing the waters, figuring out their new Etsy shop or just there to learn for the heck of learning. Are you in California? You should go to Craftcation. I'm volunteering again this year, so I might serve you lunch or give you a goody bag!


Robert Dulaney said...

i wish this was closer to spring break! college ruins all good things!

Jennifer Smith said...

I am going to Craftcation and I'm quite excited about it! See you there! Jenny Smith :)

polly conway said...

Jenny! I'm so excited to see you again! Woo-hoo!

polly conway said...

And Robert, it's important that you come back to your California home! Maybe next year when you're on your BOOK TOUR, yes?

Blogger said...

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