I'd like to take this moment to pay tribute to one of my favorite film characters, Box from Logan's Run. Box seems harmless enough, but his preoccupation with "fish, plankton, sea greens, and proteins from the sea" makes him creepy and repetitive, if not all that threatening. In conclusion, Box rules, and is my favorite part of Logan's Run, except for the opening renewal scene, which is possibly the most psychedelic sequence I've ever seen. Renew! Renew!


ted said...

Hello, I'm desperately concerned I will have to go live in the outlands. I'm 31, how many years do I have before the forced renewal?

Can the ankh save me? What about a trip to The New You? What if a man shows up on the holographic dating machine?

ted said...

I have since done some research and revise my previous posting:

The sandmen must be after me for a long time now, since I was due at Carousel last year.

Derek said...

I HATE Outside!