i see a five-piece box in my future

Look at this little castle. Unfortunately, in the kingdom of San Francisco, I am a lowly serf, so places like this are a little out of my reach. But that's okay; I just like to look.

I spent yesterday in San Francisco, to take a look at an apartment of a friend of a friend. In an attempt to not jinx myself, I will only say this: if I get this room, my life will be complete, perfect, and I will never ask for anything more ever, ever again. And the fact that it is steps away from an extremely shady corner Popeye's just seals the deal.

I took Highway 1 part of the way home. It was really nice. Thanks to Sarah, I discovered that I can listen to my iPod in the car by plugging it into the tape deck connector thingy. I'm mystified by the "shuffle," though. Why did it play "Sadie" like four times, and Plastic Bertrand followed by Stereo Total consistently, but only one Shins song, and no ELO? So weird.


squidhelmet said...

ipod shuffle = apple trying to fuck with your head

ted d. said...

Well since it's apple, obviously the problem can't be with it, it must be your expectations.

maybe you need to recognize the gentle nudge that the shuffle is giving you, and remove the other tracks, they obviously don't make the shuffle cut and it has shown you the ones that do.