Whew! I'm a person who gets overwhelmed easily if I don't stay super-organized, and today felt like a tornado. I think I can handle it now that the day is winding down.

I had a phone interview for a teaching job, accepted a boring temp job for the rest of the week, made an appointment to show my work and maybe get another teaching job, and posted a bunch of things on Etsy.

I'm excited because I have a lot of orders to fill, but I've got my work cut out for me, being the lazy fool that I am. How am I going to read twenty gossip blogs a day with this schedule? And where does Law & Order fit into the equation?

Last night we went to the Parkway, which is a beer and pizza theater, and saw Be Kind Rewind. I loved it! I adore Michel Gondry, but his last movie was not only pretentious, but boring, and made the hottest man in the world, Gael Garcia Bernal, look like a huge lame-o. So I was extra happy to enjoy a sweet and simple movie, while discovering the new hottest man in the world, Mos Def.


Mixed Species said...

We gotta check out the Parkway next time we get over to the Bay Area. Beer, Pizza AND a movie? It might not get better than that!

Squidhelmet said...

We have an awesome local movie theatre called the Alamo which is a beer/pizza situation. And there's like four of them in the Austin area! People get there early so they can order food and drink extra beer and so the theater has adapted by showing these awesome video art compilations related to the themes of the movie you are about to see.

For Be Kind Rewind they had a big contest and accepted submissions from all over the world (Alamo is kinda famous because of SXSW) and so they showed these funny homemade versions of moves and I learned a new word - Sweded.

Crystal said...

yeah, mos def has made me sit through many horrible movies just to watch him and I was glad to do it. im glad hes our new b friend!

ted d. said...

Um, speaking of me and pretentious, isn't Gael Garcia Bernal in an Almodovar movie like Bad Education? I think he looks too much like Rob Lowe.