Goin' Camping

Tomorrow I'm going camping! I've never been the instigator of a camping trip before, just gone along for the ride, so it will be an adventure. So far I have a borrowed tent, sleeping bags, and those wire sticks that hold marshmallows. That ought to do it, right?
Just keeeding! I'm hitting up Big 5 after work tonight to pick up all the essentials. We'll be staying at Castle Crags State Park (which may not exist after Gov. Schwarzenegger is finished with the Cali budget...sheesh!) near Mount Shasta. I really love Northern Northern California, and I'm excited to do some hardcore chilling and possibly some river dippin'. Quick and important questions for y'all, though:
In order of importance...
1. Will a bear be able to smell my beeswax hair product from outside the tent while I am sleeping?
2. Do you have any easy camp recipes you're willing to share?


Polly Danger said...

Shake N Pour Bisquick pancakes girl. The name says it all.

Squidhelmet said...

I <3 Big 5!

In Boy Scouts, I was always a fan of instant Quaker Oatmeal Packets (Peaches and Cream preferably) because all you need is Pot, Water, Fire, Bowl, Spoon :)

Have fun! Hope the bears don't eat your hair!

Gene said...

Fun! Never been up to Castle Crags. Let us know how it is.

Too late for you this trip, but we're big fans of meals involving couscous. That's in part because all you need is some boiling water and 5 minutes to cook it, as opposed to keeping a larger amount of water boiling like for pasta.

Instant oatmeal (with some added nuts and dried fruit) is great for breakfast on those cold mornings.

anna said...

DId you get eaten??? I am pretty sure the answer to the hair product question is yes. And ditto on couscous for camping - boil water, add couscous, turn off heat, let stand, 5 minutes later POW! Food.