I am Larry David.

As the people who have to deal with me on a daily basis can tell you, I've loosened up a lot over the years. But it still makes my blood boil when citizens break certain grocery-store related rules.

I was at Berkeley Bowl the other weekend, and I witnessed at least two people casually eating out of the bulk bins. I've always assumed it's common knowledge that one doesn't reach their filthy hand into the bin and chow down on some sesame sticks or what have you. But I've seen this too many times. I might be more forgiving if said snackers were clearly poor and in need of food. But these two were wearing very expensive shoes! And one of them wasn't just going in to sample; she returned repeatedly to the SAME BIN.

I wish I could summon up this kind of outrage for things that really matter, but I am wired to be a petty freak. Next week: how I feel when people crack open their bag of un-paid-for potato chips in the line to pay. Because they're just that hungry!

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*gemmifer* said...

A couple of months ago I was shopping the bulk section at my local Whole Foods and saw a nicely dressed woman wheel her cart up to the section, take a Ziploc bag out of her purse, and proceed to fill the bag up with granola from one of the bins. She put the bag back in her purse and walked away! I was shaking with rage, because even though this was a petty theft it was disgusting and something that any honest person should not even consider doing. And of course since I'm a tattle tale I went to the nearest employee to point out the woman and tell them what she had done.
A friend of mine told me of the time she was in a health food store when an older lady took a sip of soup from the ladle used to pour the soup into your take home container and then put the ladle back in the soup server. Ugh! Freaking people.