People. I am getting serious about, as they say in all the books, "treating myself with compassion." I'm generally pretty hard on myself, and it hasn't worked out that well the last 31 years. Studies like this are starting to convince me that a meditation practice would be the thing to do; we'll see what happens there. I've tried before and it really did make a difference in how I looked at each day.

I seriously love these cuffs by Ponder and Stitch. I want to wear them like Wonder Woman. Do visual reminders like this help you, though? If I thought tattooing "RELAX" on my forehead would help, I would do it, but sometimes it's easy to ignore stuff like that.

Do you have any hot tips on how to be nice to yourself?

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anna said...

It's so easy to say, but meditation really does make all the difference. I took a class, which helped a lot. I also used to go to a weekly meditation group which was a big help in motivating continued daily practice. I absolutely believe that NYT study.

Also one of the best things I learned in therapy was to be vigilant about negative self-talk - a huge part of having compassion for yourself as an overachieving lady of our times. E.g., I have the tendency to think of myself as lazy when I take any time off from work/projects, but would never extend that to anyone I care about. We tend to hold ourselves to different standards than our loved ones, and being able to recognize that and question it (aren't I one of my own loved ones?) can be huge.

Another thing, on a totally different note, is that when I started buying high-quality (grassfed/raw/cultured) butter and using it regularly instead of defaulting to less-satisfying oils (or weird polyunsaturate congloms like Earth Balance which I admit is delicious in its way), I felt more centered and comforted.

Oh hey, look, I just wrote a comment longer than your original post. Heyo. Love you!!